Environnement, développement durable et économie circulaire

Renewable Energy Learning Platform

Renewable energy, project financing, regulatory frameworks, digital technology and knowledge sharing

Project description

The learning platform would focus on identifying concrete aspects that are barriers to renewable energy project development. It would provide guidance on how to improve regulatory frameworks and provide a platform to share content related to the application of digital technologies to the sector and the opportunities that new technology can provide.

The learning platform would involve the development of a website that becomes a repository of good practice in terms of key renewable energy policy design and procurement practices (e.g. auctioning processes, PPAs, streamlined licensing and permitting processes) and the application of digital technologies (e.g. AI, machine learning, etc.) to the sector. The proposed learning platform should enable continuous feedback to identify the most useful content and highlight gaps and areas for improvement.


The objectives of the learning platform are to :

  • Share experience of successful renewable energy project development and the linkages to key renewable energy regulatory frameworks in the 5+5 countries, with a particular emphasis on attracting increased numbers of private sector investors;
  • Share knowledge on the application of emerging digital technologies in the energy sector so as to develop competencies in the technologies and the different applications to the renewable energy sector.

Mediterranean Ambition

The dissemination of knowledge amongst the 5 + 5 countries (Energy Regulatory Agencies, Ministries of Energy, energy companies and developers) on some of the bottlenecks that most commonly arise in renewable energy regulatory frameworks, as well as the importance of new digital technologies and their relevance for the development of the renewable energy sector. It should help reduce costs of renewable energy, encourage innovation, increase deployment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Countries involves : Algeria, France, Italy, Libya, Malta, Mauritania, Morocco, Portugal, Spain and Tunisia.

La vie du projet

Dates clés
24 months

Test period

Porteur du projet

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Contact Principal
Philip Good
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Banque Européenne pour la Reconstruction et le Développement
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