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Program of Mobility and Interculturality for Young People in the Mediterranea area

Project description

This project aims to facilitate the mobility of representatives from the voluntary sector and young people from throughout the Euro-Mediterranean area for intercultural learning and the mutual exchange of skills through placements within civil society organisations, including non-governmental organisations, social entrepreneurship, sporting organisations, organisations for artistic creation and non-formal education.

This project is based on 3 main factors, which set it apart :

  • The regional Euro-Mediterranean dimension
  • The target group, as the project aims to support the legal mobility of civil society actors and young people who are not necessarily within formal education.
  • The management of mobility as the project aims to promote structured mobility led by regional authorities from the voluntary sector (and more generally civil society) and which includes :
    • Training programmes through work placements,
    • Networking of actors involved,
    • Inclusion of local communities in European countries and countries in the south and east of the Mediterranean in cultural and intercultural initiatives through a programme prior to the exchange and enhanced during the placement period.


The overall objective of the project is to facilitate intercultural learning between European populations and countries in the south and east of the Mediterranean area through medium and long-term placements.

The specific objectives include but are not limited to :

  • Promoting social development with inclusive, participative approaches and knowledge of other cultures; .
  • Improving the employability of young people through learning about the work system, primarily in the voluntary and non-profit sector, of different countries in the Euro-Mediterranean region and international networking;
  • Promoting innovation in the voluntary sector, in international cooperation schemes and social entrepreneurship.

Mediterranean ambition

To develop and reinforce cultural cooperation between both shores of the Mediterranean, magnify the rich Mediterranean craft culture and know-how and particularly to support creative and independent young people on both shores of the Mediterranean.

Pays impliqués : Portugal, Italy, Spain, France, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Malta

Project life

Key Figures

Young people for a 1-year-project (renewable annually)

Key Dates
June 2021

First year of the program

Project Leader

The Anna Lindh Foundation for dialogue between cultures, is the first institution created in 2005 in the framework of the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation for the promotion of cultural and social exchanges among the people of the region. With members from 42 countries, the Foundation is the largest and most diverse network of civil society organisations.

International organizations participating in this project

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