Environnement, développement durable et économie circulaire


Thématique :

Environnement, développement durable et économie circulaire

Début du projet : January 2021
Porteur de Projet :

Biofy Spain S.Coop.And.

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Budget total de 200 000 €

Project description

Our vision at #Byte4MED is to accelerate the energy transition in the Mediterranean through the application of digital technologies and techniques. Our mission is to develop a scalable and replicable model of national and international collaboration for the development of leading projects for the implementation of digital technologies in the energy sector. We bring together companies with investment capacity with technology centers and/or universities that can develop technological solutions to meet the objectives of the Green Deal through a national innovation portfolio approach. We aim to create a portfolio of key stakeholders to create competitive projects in the framework of the New Green Deal and Horizon Europe. We aim to create new channels to transfer the digital innovation to the Maghreb area, enabling new business lines and increase the job creation.


  • Capital raising : Raising funds to carry out innovative projects.
  • Technology transfer : The creation of at least 3 technology transfer projects between the north and south shores of the Mediterranean.
  • Employment creation : Validate the contribution of the enabling technologies transferred in achieving the expected impact in the digital plans.
  • Brand positioning : Establish #Byte4MED as a reference brand in the energy sector.
  • New transfer channels : The creation of new financing channels that promote the participation of European companies.
  • Improved efficiency of energy solutions : Improve the performance of energy infrastructures.
  • Competitiveness of projects : Developing competitive projects that have a higher than average success rate.
  • Key stakeholders’ portfolio : Create alliances with strategic stakeholders.
  • Reflect the social purpose of the project.

Countries involved : 

  • Europe : Portugal, Spain, Italy, France and Malta.
  • Maghreb : Morocco, Mauritania, Tunisia and Algeria.

La vie du projet

Chiffres clés
10 000 000

Minimum objective of raised capital in the next ten years


Of public funds objective

Dates clés
10 years

To reach ten million euros in raised capital

September 2025

Estimated date of operationnality

Porteur du projet

Fernando Matías Canale

Contact Principal
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