An initiative for dialogue and development in the Mediterranean

SALAM supports exchanges between civil society actors in the Mediterranean and supports innovative projects on priority themes for the region, in particular in the field of social and solidarity economy and sustainable development.

Promote youth solutions for the future of the Mediterranean

As a platform for exchange, the SALAM program gives a voice to young civil society actors from both shores, so that they can jointly define concrete and innovative proposals for the future of the Mediterranean.

By bringing together young people under 40, eager to contribute to the determination and implementation of a positive agenda for the region, SALAM stimulates the Mediterranean dialogue. It creates synergies favorable to the co-construction of projects and supports the driving role of civil society in imagining new solutions on common issues.

Dialogue around common themes

The actors supported within the framework of SALAM are mobilized in Working Groups around 6 themes, which take up and deepen the axes of the Commitments for a new ambition in the Mediterranean signed in Marseille during the June 2019 Summit of the two shores:
1- Knowledge and mobility
2- Sustainable development
3- Innovation, Digital and Entrepreneurship
4- Culture
5- Inclusion
6- Cities and territories

From consultation to action

Alongside France and the northern shore of the Mediterranean, 9 countries are participating in the SALAM program: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Tunisia, Palestinian Territories.

The objective is to bring the voice of Mediterranean youth and support their proposals to imagine the Mediterranean by 2030.

Each working group will present its solutions at the Mediterranean World Forum, which will take place in Marseille in February 2022. They will feed into the proposals made by France, for the Mediterranean, within the framework of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

The tools for building a positive agenda

SALAM gives voice to young actors from both shores, through several tools:

  • Support and financing of 17 innovative micro-projects on priority themes for the region, in particular in the field of social and solidarity economy and sustainable development (SDG 12).
  • Identification of innovative projects holders on both shores of the Mediterranean to promote the networking of actors and synergies.
  • Organization of 3 regional meetings, to collectively reflect on the relevant tools and mechanisms for a lasting dialogue in the Mediterranean.
  • Launch of 6 thematic working groups to forge links, imagine tomorrow’s solutions and formalize concrete avenues that will be presented during the Mediterranean World Forum in 2022.
  • Awareness-raising activities around the Sustainable Development Goal 12 (SDG 12) “Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns”: the conception of an awareness-raising cartoon for young people (in French and Arabic).
  • Conception of webinars on the themes: circular economy, sustainable agriculture, responsible production and consumption.
  • Establishment of a digital work and exchange platform, exchange interface, SALAM gives voice to young people so that they can determine and discuss proposals for the future of the Mediterranean.

Download the SALAM presentation brochure in French, English and Arabic.

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