The SALAM Regional Meetings are three time-spaces for dialogue and meeting dedicated to civil society actors on the southern shore of the Mediterranean, with the aim of helping them to get to know each other better, to remove the barriers of their actions, and to set up the means to work collectively on unifying issues in the region.

These meetings allow participants to reflect on solutions for the co-construction and sustainability of collaborations around major common issues for young people in the Mediterranean.

Reflection around 6 themes

These meetings should make it possible to launch a reflection around the SALAM 6 federating themes: Knowledge and mobility; Sustainable development; Innovation, Digital and Entrepreneurship; Culture; Inclusion; Cities and territories.

– 1st Meeting – November 30, 2021 – Tunis – Identifying common players and issues
What are the major regional issues related to youth, what initiatives / dynamics already exist, and who are the actors involved? Which youths from both shores of the Mediterranean? What is innovation?

– 2nd meeting – Nouakchott – Identify synergies between actors
Who are working on what? What are the outstanding experiences? What are the good practices identified? What are the synergies in terms of themes, experiences, work practices and strategic vision?

– 3rd meeting – Definition of a collaboration mechanism between actors from the southern shore on themes related to the future of youth in the Mediterranean.
What regional collaboration mechanism could be set up to keep in existence the dialogue between South-South actors on common themes in the region?

Who participates in these meetings?

About a hundred participants from civil society on the southern shore of the Mediterranean are invited to take part in this reflection exercise. All the participants are young, innovative and committed civil society actors, whose field of intervention contributes in the Mediterranean dialogue.

What are the results for this first meeting?

The first SALAM Regional Meeting was held on November 30, 2021 in Tunis. It enabled several themes to be addressed:

– Session 1 “Together for a positive agenda”
– Session 2 “Youth and innovation in the Mediterranean”
– Session 3 “What challenges, solutions and good practices for structuring the youth of the two shores of the Mediterranean?”

This first meeting enabled civil society actors to discuss issues related to the structuring and integration of young people into civil society, by addressing the issues, the brakes, and the challenges of citizen mobilization (mobilization, recruitment, reception and integration, capacity building, recognition, and retention).

The identification of the problems encouraged the suggestion of solutions and the capitalization of good practices and avenues to follow in terms of the integration of young people into civil society.