Mobility, Training and Entrepreneurship

Mediterranean New Chance network (MedNC)

The network aims to gather all countries of the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Category :

Mobility, Training and Entrepreneurship

Marseille, France
Beginning : 2018
Partners :

AFD, the Drosos Foundation, the Union for the Mediterranean, the Principality of Monaco (the International Cooperation Office) and the European Union through the Erasmus+ program

Project Leader :

Institut européen de coopération et de développement (IECD)

Total cost of the project 300 000 €

Project Description

The youth unemployment rate in the Middle East and North Africa region is among the highest in the world, with for instance figures of 36.5% in Tunisia in 2020. Figures are also alarming on the North Mediterranean shore, with rates close to 30% in Spain and in Italy. The situation related to the health crisis of the covid 19 further worsens these observations. Dropping out of school and lack of access to training are among the structural causes of these integration difficulties.

The Mediterranean New Chance network (MedNC) gathers players from the Euro-Mediterranean region who develop local solutions in order to overcome these challenges. By pooling the strengths and expertise of these players, the project aims to reinforce their capacity for action, multiply their impacts and attract support from public authorities. The network also aims to support institutional actors in the development of second chance schools in the different countries. 13 members are currently part of the network : Réseau des Ecoles de la 2ème Chance en France (Réseau E2C France), Apprentis d’Auteuil (France). Volontariato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo (VIS, Italie), Asociación Española de Escuelas de Segunda Oportunidad (E2O España, Espagne), Associação para a Educação de Segunda Oportunidade (AE2O, Portugal), Matosinhos municipality (Portugal), Al Jisr association (Maroc), L’Heure Joyeuse association (Maroc), Association Nouvelle Chance Tunisie (ANC Tunisie), Tunisian Association for Management and Social Stability (TAMSS,Tunisie), VTEC (Egypte), Ecole de vente Miftah Ennajah (Algérie), Semeurs d’avenir association (Liban).

More than 29,000 young people and 110 partner centers in 9 countries (Algeria, Egypt, Spain, France, Lebanon, Morocco, Portugal, Tunisia, Italy) already benefit from these solutions in 2019. In France alone, 60% of young people find a job or continue their studies following a training they undergo within the second chance schools.


  • KNOW-HOW : The network aims to improve the skills and expertise of its members, and thus enable stakeholders in the Euro-Mediterranean region to acquire the best solutions in terms of employability and integration of young people, through a Mediterranean action dynamic. The objective is to identify and build on pioneering initiatives that have proved their relevance, to formalize, mobilize and transmit good practices and to train stakeholders, with the following quantitative objectives :
    • More than 15 sessions of exchange of good practices and/or training sessions have benefited more than 150 people
    • More than 10 structures have been associated with the network
    • 3 best practice guides and 2 literature reviews have been published in French and in English
  • GROWTH : In response to the challenges of unemployment and the socio-professional integration of young people in the region, the network works to increase the number of young people who can benefit from the activities of its members and to strengthen these solutions. The aim is therefore to increase the number of stakeholders involved in the network, to support the dissemination of existing good practices, to support the development of new projects and to contribute to projects that promote the emergence and strengthening of public policies in favor of the integration of young people. The quantitative objectives are as follows :
    • 20 stakeholders are members of the network and 75,000 young people benefit from these measures (in cumulative).
    • 10 potential members have been met or have participated in the network’s actions and 20 membership applications have been received
    • The network includes more than 11 countries
    • 5 support missions have been organized and 2 calls for projects have involved the members of the network
  • RECOGNITION : The solutions developed by network members remain insufficiently known and these stakeholders need to make their action better recognized by political decision-makers and institutional, financial or media stakeholders. The network therefore aims to obtain more recognition and support from these stakeholders in order to foster the development of solutions and to become a reference stakeholder in the field of professional integration of young people, with the following quantitative objectives :
    • More than 5 events have been organized by the network or its members
    • More than 10 external events have involved the network
    • The network has been mentioned more than 50 times by external actors
  • STEERING : In order to keep this Mediterranean cooperation dynamic going, the network aims to establish a clear, sustainable, efficient and impacting cooperation framework, by making members and partners adhere to common objectives and visions, by mobilizing and ensuring the allegiance of more financial partners, and by enhancing interactions and exchanges, with the following quantitative objectives :
    • 2 new sources of funding have been mobilized
    • A charter has been sent by 100% of the members and a membership application process has been implemented
    • More than 10 steering committees and meetings have been organized
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Mediterranean Ambition

In 2019, 100% of the actors linked to the MedNC network were convinced by the relevance of the Mediterranean dynamic inspired by the project. The very ambition of the network is indeed to promote the sharing of expertise at the Mediterranean scale, the development and/or scaling up of new initiatives in the region and the development of common projects, in order to provide answers to the challenges shared by all the countries of the two shores of the Mediterranean.

The call for proposals “Supporting Youth in the Western Mediterranean” for which the IECD is a partner of the Principality of Monaco and the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs is a particularly good example of this dynamic. This partnership was implemented following the MedNC network’s distinction at the Summit of the Two Shores. More than 180 proposals, carried by South-North consortia, have been received from member countries of the 5+5 dialogue

Countries involved : Algeria, Egypt, Spain, France, Lebanon, Morocco, Portugal, Tunisia, Italy.

Project life

Key Figures
29 000

Young People involved in the network


Sessions of exchange of good practices and/or training sessions

Project Leader

IECD, Founded in 1988, the Institut européen de coopération et de développement (IECD) is an international non-profit solidarity organization accredited as an organization of public interest since 2010. Its mission is to implement or support the implementation of economic and human development projects in partnership with local players, to enable youth and adults who are in precarious situations to gain access to decent and durable jobs, within an adequate educational and sanitary environment. Owing to more than 30 years of experience mainly in the domains of education, professional training, youth employment, and entrepreneurship, the IECD has developed a sound know-how to support vulnerable persons.

MedNC Copil - February 2020

MedNC Copil – February 2020

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