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Mediterranean Cultural Exchange and the Historical Legacy

Meeting Places: Past, Present and Future

Project description

The Mediterranean Cultural Exchange and Historical Legacy project stems from the recognition of the special relationship that has been existing between historical sites and the different, peculiar, Mediterranean identities over time. In fact, from antiquity to modernity, the theater has been considered as a privileged space and place of expression to rediscover that very “golden thread” that has been uniting the various historical and cultural identities and the different civilizations flourishing around the Mediterranean basin for many centuries.

Ancient theaters are located throughout a vast area that comprises three continents (Europe, Asia and Africa), mirroring a shared past that can contribute to foster reciprocal understanding and intercultural dialogue during current times. Their preservation, as well as their continued use for cultural activities, make it possible for many cultures to meet through the arts. The memory and awareness of a common and shared past revive through the recovery of common roots.

On the other hand, their damage or destruction may bring about irremediable harm to that very testimony of a prolific past dialogue and hamper the understanding of a shared heritage. Furthermore, increasing cultural activities and the restoring of ancient places in the Mediterranean basin, in areas where the political situation is fragile and volatile, may help fostering intercultural understanding and pacification, as part of a more far- reaching effort to strengthen reciprocal comprehension between different parties and peoples. In this way , culture may be used as a cutting-edge tool to foster peace and mutual comprehension.


  • Restoring and preserving ancient meeting places in the Mediterranean basin;
  • Instill skills and know-how that could favor long-term, economic self-sufficiency;
  • Reducing unemployment;
  • Increasing touristic activities by making local heritages more attractive. As far as the specific goals are concerned, those following below are the most important ones :
    • Increasing human capital by enhancing local skills and know-how. It will be done by promoting planned maintenance, restoration, sustainable use, through the assistance and training of local operators and the enhancement of their managerial skills;
    • Forging a vivid local job-markets so to spur economic and financial inclusion;
    • Promoting local development based on its different and peculiar cultural identities;
    • Promoting collaboration between local communities and national/international institutions.

Mediterranean ambition

  • Long-term program, self-sustainable and self-sufficient economic growth;
  • Long-term preservation of cultural heritages; local communities training and indigenous human capital growth;
  • Fostering equal access to economic opportunities for any individual (young, adults, men, women)
  • Implementation of training and teaching models aimed at focusing local resources towards economic empowerment and development, with special regards to the field of conservation and promotion of historical sites, local sustainable economy;
  • Local areas economic autonomy; creating an effective role-model, reproducible elsewhere for economic self-sufficiency;
  • Favoring women economic inclusion in the economy.

Countries involved : Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Tunisia.

Project life

Key Dates
Mai 2021

Beginning of the project

Mai 2024

End of the project

Project Leader

Consiglio Nazionale degli Architetti, Pianificatori, Paesaggisti, Conservatori (CNAPPC).

Main Contact
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