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Mediterranea TV

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Cities, Culture and Heritage

Marseille, France
Beginning : 1st semester of 2021
Partners :

France Télévisions, INA, 2M Morocco, Tunisian Television, France media Monde, TV5 Monde, Les Hauts Parleurs,Thomson Open media Hub Foundation, Annah Lindh Foundation

Project Leader :

CMCA Mediterranean Center for Audiovisual Communication

Total cost of the project 2 000 000 €

Project description

Méditerranea is a digital platform for the youth of the 2 shores of the Mediterranean area. The platform selects and aggregates the content of partner televisions of the Mediterranean region (France Televisions, 2M, Tunisian Television …). It will be editorialized around crucial themes for development and sustainable fulfillment of the region.

Young people have a different approach to media consumption. This is why Méditerranea aims to provide better access to quality audiovisual content and innovative and short programs. Based on its diversified programs, it will offer crossed views on Mediterranean events and global issues.


There are today 346 million Internet users in the Mediterranean area: 181 million for the European Mediterraneans and 165 million for the Mediterranean of Arab countries. Therefore 130 million of young Internet users reside on both shores, aged 15 to 35: our core target.

The Mediterranea platform will have a preeminent action to raise awareness on major values of social utility and public services: citizenship, education, culture, fight against pollution and global warming, employment, economy, training. The platform will shape and edit the different views from one country to another on major Mediterranean or world events.

Mediterranean ambition

On average, young people represent 70% of the population from countries of the southern shore of the Mediterranean basin. The platform wishes to give them keys for understanding the world that surround them. Rich of its many partners from both shores, it will shape the Mediterranean of the future. Plurilingual and inclusive, it will become a tool for promoting positive image of the region through the content of various Mediterranean channels, also by giving a place on its antenna to the work done by the young people of the two shores.

Mediterranea will take into account the crossed perspectives of all these cultures to allow a better understanding of Mediterranean societies.

Countries involved : Italy, Spain, Greece, Algeria, Egypt, Croatia, Jordan, Turkey

Project life

Key Figures

Videos online by the end of 2021

Key Dates

A prospection campaign will target all the mediterranean televisions


Million users targeted

Project Leader

The Mediterranean Center for Audiovisual communication

International organizations participating in this project

Anna Lindh Foundation
The Anna Lindh Foundation for dialogue between cultures, is the first institution created in 2005 in the framework of the...

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