Mobility, Training and Entrepreneurship

Human development through art

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Mobility, Training and Entrepreneurship

Morocco, Spain, France, Italy
Beginning : February 1999
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Total cost of the project 550 000 €

Project description

We offer an inclusive project that combines audiences and their objectives through their interactions in the same place and in a concerted time. The audiences concerned are :

  • Young people in search of integration and training
  • Young people in artistic and technical vocational training
  • The management team (trainers and educators)
  • Artists in artistic and educational residency who work for and share their project

The steps of the device are :

  • The identification of young people by educators (parity M / F and 15 to 25 years)
  • The involvement of young people in remobilization courses led by trainers and artists
  • Access to professional artistic and technical training led by trainers and artists
  • Supported professional integration

The Shems’y approach is not elitist in its conditions of access but daring in its objectives. All young people can access the sensitive remobilization courses. What we are aiming for here is to trigger a new start, an impulse towards new desires, to tackle new learning by bringing into play the sensitive qualities of each one, which will be the ferments of his training and integration project. professionals in the making.

This remobilization is built by the sensitive, by setting the body and mind in motion, by the project approach and the acquisition of the fundamentals of active citizenship by carrying out a common project.

Mediterranean dimension

The Shems’y circus school has existed since 1999. In twenty years, the Shems’y experience has enabled hundreds of underprivileged children and young people to be involved in their own life trajectory through the educational and socializing virtues of the arts. circus.

The crucial need of disadvantaged neighborhoods has become vocational training for young people as a support for the transformation of territories and populations and a vector of sustainable development. Since 2009, the National Circus School Shems’y has been training professional circus artists as part of the new state diplomas of circus artists recognized by the Ministry of Vocational Training. The training principle adopted is that of alternation between training time at the national circus school and professional performance time, as an artist, in technical management, and as a circus workshop supervisor to explore the different facets of the artistic profession in the training process. This form of training confronts young apprentices with the reality of the profession of circus artist and encourages them to become aware of the importance of a common project for individual development, of the need to appropriate body language and unique artistic expression to express the world around them.

Karacena, biennial of circus and travel arts, offers a platform of first importance in this strategy of alternation by addressing various professional situations, from urban intervention to the show in a marquee, from the collective presentation to the individual score. , from the choreographed movement to the spectacular prowess through the dramatic interpretation. Karacena is also a time of intercultural exchange through the production of shows associating artists from various professional backgrounds and from cultural origins largely marked by the Mediterranean (France, Morocco, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy …). Shems’y completed the 7th edition of Karacena, Faire Monde, scheduled from August 27 to September 2, 2018. The 8th edition which was scheduled for 2020, did not take place due to the Covid-19 crisis.

Countries involved : Morocco,Spain, Italy and France

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6,6M Dhs

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