About the Two Shores Dialogue

Based on a French initiative, the Dialogue of the two shores aims to bring out a positive agenda and relaunch the dynamic of cooperation in the Mediterranean, by giving a central role to the proposals of civil society.

An initiative for dialogue and development in the Mediterranean

By supporting the leading role of civil society actors in defining and implementing joint projects, the objective of this initiative is to strengthen dialogue between our societies and to pool public and private efforts in favor of economic and sustainable human development in the western Mediterranean.

A participatory dynamic for a renewed cooperation

In order to nurture this ambition shared by the governments of the 5 + 5 Dialogue (Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Malta, Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya), all the forces from civil society wishing to fuel the momentum initiated by the Summit of the two shores (June 24, 2019) and the institutional and economic partners associated with it, meet periodically to support the projects initiated and identify future solutions capable of strengthening the ties uniting Mediterranean countries.

A community of partners

The Dialogue of the two shores has succeeded in bringing together a solid community, mobilizing many financial partners as well as the main development actors involved in the Mediterranean. Through a common funding mechanism, the initiative will provide support for innovative projects, proposing innovative solutions to address the multiple challenges facing the region today.

Common commitments for the Mediterranean and targeted projects

Flagship projects, contributing to the implementation of the Marseilles Commitments, have already started their actions on the ground, in the fields of sustainable development and circular economy (Partnership for sustainable coastal cities in the western Mediterranean), training and professional integration (Réseau Méditerranée Nouvelle Chance), heritage (CoPaM), culture (House of translation and sharing of publications in Mediterranean languages) or innovation and entrepreneurship (Emerging Mediterranean).